The Story

Hello Sea Co is designed to help make women across the globe feel amazing in their skin and ready for their next adventure on the water. 

Clothes and accessories especially designed for women to enjoy stand up paddle boarding, surfing, kayaking and other water sports. Not only are these sports great physically, but the benefits for the soul and mind are endless, yet not everybody feels such sports are accessible to them with the gear available.

Often tiny unforgiving sizes with no room for bums and boobs, perfectly preened women showing off the products or gear that is just uncomfortable can make getting out there and having a go more scary than it should be.

The Hello Sea Co. Philosophy is to provide gear which is not only functional but it offers something a little unusual and makes the owner happy whenever they see it.

Examples of Hello Sea Co's little unusual features can be found in our Paddle Pants; not only are they UV resistant and quick-dry but they have slightly higher waists so they are extra comfy whether you are flexing it out doing yoga or are paddling hard on an ocean adventure! They feature stirrups under the feet too to keep them securely in place and fitting like a glove. We're all about feeling amazing, whatever your skill and whatever the environment... 

Packaging and things

Our packaging wherever possible is either re-purposed packaging we have received or is produced from recycled materials. The aim also is to encourage people to keep it and to re-use it as many times as they can.

Who makes our gear?

Our SUP and surf gear is ordered in small batches from a handful of suppliers in the Far East who we work closely with to ensure Hello Sea Co can provide excellent, inventive products at an achievable cost. Note we say achievable, not cheap; we prefer knowing the team producing them are well looked after and get to go home at six which means our unit cost might not be as low as some of the bigger companies, but people being treated fairly is more important we think! We obviously do our best to ensure prices are not wild though because we want to be as accessible as possible to everyone.

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about us, our products or have any ideas or suggestions, it'd be great to chat. Just drop us a message via the contact form. And if you fancy testing out any gear, please send a link to your socials, why you would like to product test and we will be in touch. 

Happy paddling and go explore! 

P.S. If you do happen to have a little time before your next adventure, a 'follow' of our Instagram profile would mean the world. Please check us out @helloseaco.