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Psychedelic Long Sleeve Surf Suit

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  • Small (size 8) - £24.95
  • Small - Medium (10) - £24.95
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It's a cool nod to the sixties with this one-piece swimsuit. Sky blue background and funky print with back zip, high neck and long sleeve design. The quick-dry lycra stays put however hard you paddle or surf. And although it's flexible, it's thick so there's no show-through. The long sleeve design and UV resistant fabric keeps your arms and body protected which your skin will definitely thank you for! This one is ideal for paddleboarders and cruisy longboats days. The suit has a stretchy fit so allows total flexibility and is ideal for SUP yoga too! We promise you'll want to be on or in the water at all times!

Please note: to preserve your Psychadelic Long Sleeve Surf Suit, wash using cold water and detergent, ring out and allow to dry naturally. As much as we love salt water and sun, it can take its toll on our SUP and surf gear!